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November 16 2017

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What I say: “I’m touch-starved.”

What you think I mean: “I need a hug.”

What I truly mean: “I need someone to platonically lie across me with their full weight, crushing my body and providing deep pressure until my errant soul is reabsorbed into my flesh. Also, a hug would be nice.”

I’ve had to explain this to people who think it’s weird, but when I add, “You know… like cats…” they seem to understand.

November 15 2017

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Anna Świrszczyńska
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November 14 2017

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Elliot and Qwerty, the cat.

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“I think the most amazing fact I learned was that they have a part of the brain that we don’t have—a part that we can’t even identify. This suggests that they sense, understand, and even feel more than we do. It still blows me away to think about it.”—Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Director of Blackfish

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if this ain’t the most beautiful mermaid you’ve ever seen…

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“Everything changes, but this still hasn’t. Not for me. It hasn’t lessened’’

- Last Night (2010)

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November 10 2017

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evidence that ancient paleolithic venus statues were made by women who were examining their own bodies and sculpting them from their own point of view, not, as previously assumed, exaggerated features from an outside perspective

source: toward decolonizing gender: female vision in the upper paleolithic, catherine hodge mccoid and leroy mcdermott, 1996

Weird how everything makes more sense if you stop assuming men did everything ever

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